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Yo !


I am excited to announce that betaworks is participating in the seed round of Yo. I wanted to share a few thoughts on how I see Yo fitting into the ecosystem of services on, and beyond, phones.

Over the past year, year and a half, we at betaworks have become increasingly interested in the…

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2013: The Year In Apple and Technology at Large

2013: The Year In Apple and Technology at Large

Couldn’t agree more with John Gruber, 2013 was not exactly a great year in tech but we saw some great leaps when compared to tech from just 3 years ago. The 64bit Soc in the iPhone 5 blew away minds at Qualcomm and made Samsung come out immediately saying its next phone will have one. There was a point this year when all of my web browsing was done totally on my phone, i did not open a single tab on chrome for about 2 months on my laptop just my phone, i couldn’t do this in 2009 but its possible now in 2013. Lets not forget the futuristic things revealed by Elon Musk the Hyperloop, Google’s Project Loon and Amazon’s Drone.

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